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Benefits Of Medical Marijuana



There are a variety of things that can coax really strong reactions from researchers, skeptics, doctors, scientist, and the general public but nothing more controversial than medical marijuana. First question on everyone's mind is, is it safe? Do we legalize it if it's safe? Should we decriminalize marijuana use? Do scientists back its many medical purposes? When can someone have use of such medical properties? The ever popular question of is this substance addictive? Should we ban marijuana from teenagers altogether? Is marijuana all just hype or is it really a miracle plant that so many people say it is. Or is it just a farce to call it medical marijuana conjured by its zealous backer to get it legalized?


Controversial doesn't even begin to describe the reactions and questions generated from the topic of medical marijuana but this isn't the purpose of this article as we are here to talk about why they call it medical marijuana in the first place, and how so many patients have found it effective.


At the moment, marijuana is legal with 29 states in its favor including the capital. Does the federal government think the same though? As a fact, the previous administration did not put offense on medical marijuana on it priority list. However, the current president, while promising to not get in the way of people who use marijuana for treatment, his current administration has looked into completely abolishing that policy. As many 85% of the country backs the legalization of marijuana and as many as several millions currently benefits from using its medical properties. Know all about cbd here!


Marijuana Isn't All About The High

There is some light, however, a saving grace if you will to this controversial hemp plant and that is CBD or known as cannabid oil because this is one of the least intoxicating properties of marijuana. Marijuana itself contains an abundance of active components that number more than a hundred. Tetrahydrocannabid oil or THC is the main culprit that causes the so called 'high' when marijuana is consumed by smoking or ingesting. Strains of marijuana that contain more CBD, such as the ones produced by Quantum 9, Inc., however, produces very little to no 'high' as reported by patients who use marijuana for medical purposes. To know more about the benefits of medical marijuana, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis#Etymology.


So what does CBD oil treat? It has been reported by patients its countless benefits and among these include relief from insomnia, anxiety, spasms, and even epilepsy. A certain kind of epilepsy found only in children called Dravet syndrome which is pretty much impossible to control, is dramatically reduced when Charlotte's Web, a CBD dominant strain of marijuana is administered to patients with this condition. There are videos online that show proof of this.


Medical Uses of Marijuana

Most people use medical marijuana as a pain reliever. However, marijuana doesn't alleviate more intense pain such as fractures or post surgical pain but is very potent in treating more chronic one that millions of people in this country suffer from, click here!